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Announcing: FAT PANIC! program, keynote & performers!

Check out NOLOSE's preliminary program, keynote panel and performers with our full list of workshops! You don't want to miss out.

FAT PANIC! Keynote panel speakers/discussants include Deb Burgard, Charlotte Cooper, Nomy Lamm, Naima Lowe, Galadriel Mozee, and Bianca Wilson. Workshop presenters include Health at Every Size author Linda Bacon and several authors and editors from the Fat Studies Reader!

FAT PANIC! panelists

PERFORMANCE lineup will feature a Queer Cabaret and Queer Memoir, including Butch Tap, Miz Ginger Snapz, Jezebel Delilah X, nomy lamm & THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, CHUBB, and hosts Bevin Branlandingham, Kelli Dunham and Genne Murphy!

check out the NOLOSE lineup!
Butch Tap. Photo credit: Alysia Angel

Reminder: only *4 DAYS LEFT TO REGISTER AT OUR EARLYBIRD RATES!* Prices go up May 8!

Also: we are still seeking facilitators for several caucuses. If you're coming to NOLOSE and feel you're a good candidate to run a Working Class, Super Fat, Allies, Over 40 or Disability caucus, please contact We can help with some guidelines!
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