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Hey Fatties! Perform at NOLOSE!

The Entertainment Sub-Committee for the 2010 NOLOSE Conference announces TWO (that’s right TWO!) amazing opportunities to showcase your creative talents!


The first will be a dynamic evening of cabaret style performances curated and hosted by the unstoppable writer, performer, and hostess Bevin Branlandingham on Saturday night, June 5. The second will be the West Coast premier of the new NYC based salon series, Queer Memoir, created and hosted by our favorite ex-nun comic Kelli Dunham and playwright extraordinaire Genne Murphy. Queer Memoir will happen Sunday morning, June 6. We would absolutely LOVE to get a taste of all the amazing, fat, queer, creative genius coming to NOLOSE! Details and submission information is below!


Saturday Night June 5: Cabaret!

The event is an evening of performances in a cabaret style, with a dance party to follow.   Our goal is to curate an event that highlights the talent of the fat and queer community, with a specific emphasis on performers of color, Bay Area-based performers, superfat performers, trans performers and lesser known fat queer performers. We are looking for comedy, drag, burlesque, performance art, circus acts, spoken word, musical acts, bands, dance, or anything else appropriate to evening entertainment. 

We have an extremely small budget and it is likely that there will be little to no honorarium, however we do encourage performers who require financial assistance with conference registration to do so before the deadline of April 16.  Further, performers who fit into one of the scholarship categories are highly encouraged to apply for a NOLOSE scholarship.  These categories are: people of color, people with disabilities, supersized people, people over 50, folks outside of the US and North America, and trans people (we strongly encourage trans women to apply for this scholarship).

Self-identified queer and fat performers are asked to apply for consideration for this evening of performance by submitting the following: Your name and/or stage name, your location, a brief description of your proposed performance and a brief biography. Deadline for submissions is April 20. Please send submissions and requests for information to

Sunday Morning: Queer Memoir

Queer Memoir is a salon for new work based on a monthly theme, dedicated to memoir-based storytelling. We aim to give voice to our collective queer experiences, and preserve and document our complex queer history. Queer Memoir is currently accepting submissions for a salon at NOLOSE 2010. We invite conference participants to share your fat and queer stories!

The Queer Memoir for NOLOSE theme: In/Visible.

This salon is for writers, performers, and anyone with a queer story to tell. You don't have to identify as an artist to submit or participate, and we encourage a range of voices and experiences.

The "In/Visible" theme may be interpreted broadly, but participants must share memoir-based stories through both a fat and queer context. We imagine there are multiple connections and stories that fat folks can tell about the invisibility and visibility of fatness. Participants are encouraged to find ways to tie in the greater conference theme of FAT PANIC if you so desire.

Perhaps memoir-based stories emerging from the “In/Visible” theme might explore: Fat queers in public space / the world / the street / greater LGBTQ space....Representations of fatness/fat people in media, society, academia, and medical communities in the era of the "obesity epidemic".... Intersection of fatness with other identities, and/or how this informs other oppressions/privileges... visibility / invisibility within fat and queer communities... but it's really up to YOU!

Submission Guidelines (send inquiries to queermemoir@gmail.com)

To submit written work: 1) send us a half-page writing sample on the theme, or a query in which you outline your story. You can supplement your written submission with a 2-3 page writing sample of a preexisting work. OR 2) if you have no preexisting work to share, and are not sure what to submit to give us an idea of the story you would like to tell – please email (queermemoir@gmail.com). We are happy to chat with you!

For other genres/mediums, send us a link to an audio or video sample online with a one paragraph description of what you are proposing for Queer Memoir. If you don’t have a multimedia clip available, send us an additional paragraph describing your work in your genre. If necessary, we’ll meet with you to discuss your idea in person/via phone.

Queer Memoir is committed to a line-up that includes artists and non-artists alike, as well as folks who may not be well-known within the NOLOSE community. If you have a story to tell about the monthly theme but you’re new to sharing in public in this way, please email us! We also recognize that “Queer” is an imperfect umbrella word, and comes with a legacy of hurt and rejection for some. We invite participants who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual, Transgender, Butch, AG, Femme, Sissy, Mary, etc., or have a history of being culturally allied with these identities or communities. If you have any questions please check out
www.queermemoir.com. Submissions for Queer Memoir are due May 10! The earlier the better, as we’re putting our line-up together soon!



The NOLOSE Entertainment Subcommittee is committed to including a range of voices in both of these performances, particularly voices that may be historically under-represented within the current NOLOSE community (POC, Supersize, and Trans Fatties, as well as International and Older Fatties). We are additionally interested in special outreach to Bay Area locals, especially as this is the first ever NOLOSE on the west coast!


For questions/submissions for the Cabaret, please email: nolose2010cabaret@gmail.com. Due April 20


For questions/submissions for Queer Memoir, please email: queermemoir@gmail.com. Due May 10



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